Ted's hints and tips

Just in case you missed Ted's Tip of the month on our home page. Here are all Ted's past hints of some hidden things to find on our CD-ROM.
On page 3 of the story, the bedknob thinks he's a horse. Try clicking on the picture on the wall then click on the bedknob again. On page 8 of the story, the bedknob doesn't like you clicking on it. Keep clicking and see what happens... The light shade in the hall doesn't do anything when you click on it... Click the light switch on the wall to turn on the light then click the light shade again.
You can change the season on our CD-ROM, by clicking on the window in the study or play room. Go back outside to the garden and see if anything has changed. Have you tried clicking under the desk in page 8 of the story on our CD-ROM? Did you enjoy helping Barnaby through the maze on our CD-ROM. There are 2 other mazes to find. Go back outside after you have changed the seasons.
Each time you cook the toast on page 4 of the story, click on the little bear to hear how he likes what you have done. What will he have for breakfast if you burn the toast? When you click on the hat-stand in the Hall, it will greet you in different ways depending on the time of day that you are playing our CD-ROM. Try clicking on it in the morning, then again after lunch. On page 8 & 9 of the story, click on the bears before you click on Allison. Then click on the bears again. They will now say something different in response to what Allison has just said.
Have you found the hidden helicopter on each page of the story. It can be a little tricky, as it is not always found in the same place. If the Autogiro has left the play - room, it can be found somewhere outside or in the other rooms. Have you listened to the eggs on page 4 of the story sing "Polly put the kettle on"... Click on the kettle while the egg carton is open.
Did you find the truck with all the sweets and deserts. This is on page 4 of the story. See how many different party treats it carries. You'll find a little bear eating sweets by opening the draw in page 6 of the story. Have you seen what happens when he eats all the sweets. The rooster on page one of the story has no manners. Have you seen what he does when you keep clicking on the window.
Click on the picture of the balloons on the wall, in page 8 of the story. A balloon will float up from behind the bed. Try popping it with the mouse.




The little bear on the steps in the garden on our CD-ROM disappears when you click on her the 2nd time.You can bring her back by clicking on the steps.

On page 5 of the story, on our CD-ROM, Snowy and Ted are trying to decide what sort of honey it is that they are eating. Keep clicking on them and try to count the number of varities they think of.



Have you seen Benny hopping on the floor in the kitchen. Click on the squares on the floor in  page six of the story.

There are butterflies hiding in the flowers in the garden our CD-ROM. You hear a piece of classical music if you click on them.

Summer Garden:
Purple Butterfly- Pachelbel's Kanon in D. Pink Butterfly- Vivaldi's Four Seasons.

Spring Garden:

Purple Butterfly- Dvorak's The New World.
Blue Butterfly- Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart.

Autumn Garden;

Yellow Butterfly- Handle's Water Music; Red Butterfly- Bach Invention No13

The music in the winter scene (when it's snowing) is Prelude No 5 by Bach.

Have you played with the coloured Bears in our CD-ROM on page 8 of the story. Click on them to change the colour of the white bear and experiment with mixing the primary colours. If you light the candles in page 4 of our story on our CD-ROM, click on the Bear on the shelf to blow them out. When the bear in the hall bowls a strike and knocks down all the skittles, click on the draw to have the little bear hop out and pick them all up.
There are some interesting characters  inside the fridge on page 5 of the story, on our CD-ROM. Click on the fridge door to open it, and see what they are. When playing in page 8 of the story on our CD-ROM, you can make balloons float up from behind the bed by clicking on the birthday card on the wall. See what happens when you pop the balloon by clicking on it with the mouse. Have you found the train in the hall, on our CD-ROM... Try clicking in the area just above Ted and Floppy.

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