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bears painting art Art ideas
There are many imaginative scenes and activities on the Bears CD-ROM that can be used as inspiration for art projects, either in groups or individually. The Art ideas section lists some project ideas for children. These involve exploration of different styles of art, research, creativity and a lot of fun!
Music Ideas
The Bears CD-ROM is full of wonderful opportunities to involve children in music. From the opening title sequence to the Bears Blues Band. This music section of our web site is a list of ideas for primary aged children to explore music, involving listening. discussion, investigation, instrument making, composing and performing. These are just some suggestions, as you explore the CD you will see other possibilities.
bears playing instruments
Have a look at the "Did you know" section on our site for helpful information about some of the things found on our CD-ROM. The colouring-in pictures can also be useful for using as templates for murals and group projects.

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