The Scenes

These are some colouring pictures from the story on our CD-ROM. Click on the image you want to enlarge, then you can print it out and colour it in. When you have finished printing the image, click on the back button on your browser menu bar to return to this page.
Happy Birthday cheered the bears
Looking for the pot of honey
The Teddy bears in the kitchen
Bears "Happy Bithday"
cheered the bears.
Looking for the honey! The Kitchen
The pot
What would make a nice present
Bear blowing bubbles
The Pot "What would make a nice present?" Strike Blowing Bubbles
Teddy bear watering the garden
Bears Blues Band
Dancing Bears
Grooving with the snowman
Watering the garden. The Blues The dancing Bears "Grooving with the snowman"
Fuzzy Jazz
The Car
Yahoo... Bear on the moon
Jamming with the musical bears
Fuzzy Jazz The Car "Yahoo" Jamming Bears
Bear Orchestra
Wake up call

Bear performing card tricks
The Bear Orchestra "Some of my newspaper is missing" Wake up call "Would you like to see a card trick"
Toot toot Bear in a train
The heavy pot
primary colors
Polly put the kettle on
Toot! Toot! "This pot is to heavy for us to carry" Primary Bears "Polly put the kettle on."
Bear eating pavlova
Party treats and truck
Pancakes and toast
Hokey pokey ice-cream
"Pavalova is my favourite desert." "Party treats." Maybe I'll have pancakes for breakfast" "Hokey Pokey ice-cream"

That's an albatross - Bear playing golf

Albatross Harp & Saxophone Honey Pot Sam
"I got a bullseye" The Clown Vegetable noses "I like birthdays"
Storytime Bear Hugs "All is well" An Abstract Bear
Chocolate cake & Ice cream      

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