What is an impressionist painting?

ART0006.GIF (3552 bytes) Impressionist paintings where painted by a group of artists in the late 19th century. Instead of painting what was actually there, they tried to paint an impression of what the eye sees. By using high-key colours and a variety of brush strokes, artist such as Claude Monet and Pierre Renoir captured the actual sensation of seeing, with all its elements of light and colour.
ART0005.GIF (4242 bytes) The decorative surface patterns of paintings, created by artists like Vincent van gogh, in the late 19th century are characteristic of Postimpressionism. But more than just working with the aesthetics of their paintings, the Postimpressionists began to introduce an element of emotion into their art. This was an important bridge between impressionism and expressionism.
ART0002.GIF (4190 bytes) The Expressionist artist tries to depict subjective emotions rather than objective reality. Their paintings are personal and a means of self expression. Expressionism is one of the main styles of art in the late 19th and 20th centuries, and are typical of a wide range of modern artists.
ART0001.GIF (3964 bytes) Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque are mainly responsible for developing Cubism, at the beginning of the 20th century. Cubist paintings where a study of everyday objects, but they were dismantled and viewed from several different angles.
ART0004.GIF (3543 bytes) The Surrealist artist, such as Andre Breton, Salvador Dali and Max Ernst, painted pictures that were very detailed and realistic, but made no rational sense. They often took images of everyday items and reassembled them into  ambiguous and paradoxical scenes.
ART0003.GIF (2836 bytes) Abstract Art is a style of the 20th century that avoids the use of detail or recognizable subject matter. By using textures, shapes, colours and patterns, the Abstract artist paints representations of natural objects.


van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
Claude Monet
Pablo Picasso
Salvador Dali
Abstract Art
Museum of Modern Art


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