For children aged 3-8


Join Ted & Floppy on an interactive journey as they show you around their house where they live with all their friends. Play hide and seek with Ted. Help Barnaby through the maze. Find Ted and Floppy's interactive story book. Packed with superb graphics, animation and more than 20 minutes of music, this colourful fun-filled CD-ROM is a whole new learning experience that will keep children and parents entertained for hours.


The House

Play in the garden or explore the rooms in the house. Listen to the town crier in the hall call the hour. Play in the play room or go to the lounge and listen to the Bear Orchestra play some of your favourite nursery rhymes. And if you want something a bit more upbeat, head to the study to jam with the Bears Blues Band.

Play hide-and-seek with Ted, who could be hiding anywhere in the house. But Ted is good at hiding, so you might have to click on Floppy for clues.

Find the many hidden objects like the bi-plane, hot air balloon and the flying saucer. This house is full of fun and surprises and wherever you go there's always lots of things to do.

Words and Pictures

Match the words to the pictures, then watch the animation and listen to the sounds when you get it right.

  • Learn what some of the things found around the house are called.
  • Improve spelling. Words are pronounced, then each letter is highlighted and recited.

The Story

Read along with Ted & Floppy's story book.

  • Improve reading skills as words are highlighted and read aloud
  • Increase word recognition. Click on any word to hear it pronounced.
  • Lots of humour, sound effects and animations.

Play your own Music

Use the mouse or keyboard to play you own tunes.

  • Choose from six instruments.
  • Learn what each note is called.
  • Print out sheet music of well known nursery rhymes.
  • From a choice of 4 keys, C, D, F, or G major select the correct key for the tune.

Key Features

  • High quality graphics.
  • Easy to use.
  • An outstanding soundtrack with more than 20 minutes of music.
  • Over 400 click-ons and animations.
  • Hours of fun and learning

The House The Games The Story

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