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The Review Corner

"In a market dominated by children's software giants, Bears stands out with graphics and activities that rival and better many kids' software titles currently available. The concept behind the game is simple and sincere -- most parents will find this title a refreshing change".
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DrToy Award

Best Vacation Product

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Consumer Award
INZ Icon Awards
"We found it engaging, charming, creative, had great sound, and showed excellent navigation tools through the use of friendly on-screen hosts."
The Judges, INZ Icon awards


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Omni Intermedia Award

Lexington, KY -- Media Corp. Inc., The Omni Intermedia Awards recognize outstanding production, design and content in the converging fields of television, film, internet, interactive media and 3D animation.

"This is the perfect software to encourage learning in a very entertaining environment. Hats off to PixelPark for producing such a fine product! I give BEARS a thumbs-up, high five, and the Grandma's Seal of Approval!"
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The London Times
"This is a lively educational hit that will delight children."

"When thinking about the people who produce the software you use you probably think America... and that's perfectly reasonable. Except I’ve just been playing with the most fantastic kids program from New Zealand."

Gold Award
1999 TUANZ Online Learning Awards

Silver Award
1999 TUANZ Online Learning Awards

Bronze Award
1999 TUANZ Online Learning Awards

Most Entertaining Product
ATOM Australian International Multimedia Awards

4 star rating
Personal Computer World
"Musically, this CD is very impressive."

5 star rating
NZ PC World
"Bears combines the best elements of the best CDs for small children: lovely graphics, engaging activities, interesting characters and instructive games... A handful of screenshots don't really do justice to all the wonderful things that lie in store for you on this disk."

"With the story, music, games, clickable surprises, and beautiful artwork (including a ton of cute bears), this is a must buy for anyone with young children".
Kids Like Ours
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"A blend of good intentions and exquisite skill. The sureness of touch and warm certainty of tone displayed on Bears is quite remarkable."
The Australian

"There's so much depth, charm and subtlety in Bears, that adults will also find it irresistible."
TV Guide

"With a surprising amount of inferior product currently flooding the educational software market, it's a real pleasure to come across a program like Bears, a colourful and thoroughly entertaining interactive experience".
Windows Made Easy

"This CD-ROM is a great learning experience and will also really help your reading - in fact, this CD-ROM is totally brilliant!"
Pineapple Press

"Bears is a great educational tool that should appeal to both boy's and girls. The title is designed to be fun with great attention to detail, and for these reasons it has to be one of the best we've seen."

"This is one of the best interactive CD's for kids I have ever seen... It is fun. It is humorous. It is educational. And it has heaps of content to keep you and your kids amused for hours."
Bits & Bytes

"It's enchanting. It's pure magic. It's visually beautiful and the music is wonderful. The graphics are superb - delicate, crisp, bright. It's really, really special and gets the imagination buzzing... There's enough there to inspire a well-planned integrated curriculum approach for a term, or a year. Added to the music, art and literature are sub-themes like flight, the seasons, different places and cultures, gardens, games... It cries out for creative teachers."
Auckland & Northland Education

"It would be impossible to mention all the wonderful surprises Bears has to offer - It is jam packed with delights that should keep kids happy for ages."
Teddy Bear Times

"Bears is a breath of fresh air. The music is excellent quality, diverse and appropriate."
Australia's Parents

"This CD is crammed with fun, interactive screens to tempt little ones, encourage them to explore and broaden their knowledge base... A great buy!"
Kiwi Parent

"Bears ranks with the best of the best. It is charming, fascinating, full of surprises and clever."
New Zealand Herald

"This program is sure to delight children of all ages. It is a lavish production full of teddy bears of all descriptions that play instruments, paint, sing, parachute and mow the lawn."
The Press

"Bears, besides, its educational qualities, has to be one of the best 'baby sitters' invented."

"It's chock-full of surprises and unexpected delights. It'll take you months to discover all that you can do in it."
Grapevine Magazine

"This CD-ROM will amuse, entertain and stretch your child for hours."
Right Start

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