Art ideas


Letterbox Teddybear

  • Make a template of a letter box for children to paint their own patterns and designs on. This could be a group, individual or a mural depending on the talent and number of students. Template of a letter box.
teddy bear with a balloon

Balloon Teddybear

  • Create a mural of flying teddybears, each carrying a balloon. This could be useful at the beginning of the year - print the child's name on the balloon.
  • A simple template of a bear would assist very young students.
  • Use material or paper collage, paint or crayon bears.
  • Cut balloons from a variety of coloured paper and attach to the bear with string.
  • Display as a mural - use blue backing.

Template of Sam with a balloon


teddy bears garden - summer

teddy bears garden - winter

The Four Seasons

  • Divide the children into four groups - each with a season.
  • Crayon and dye a garden scene - use the CD for ideas. Young children would benefit from a simple outline of the garden.
  • Use a collage of paper and material to depict the season.
  • Bears could be added. Make individually and cover with fur or fluff.
  • Divide a piece of paper into four sections.
  • Using the tree in the window, depict the four seasons.
  • Use felt pens or coloured pencils.


painting styles

Artist Teddybear

Abstract Bear

  • Cut a variety of circles from lightweight card, or coloured paper.
  • Create a bear by gluing the circles - some may be cut - onto paper or cardboard backing.
Impressionist Bear
  • Sketch a bear. Use a template for young children.
  • Use only dots and dabs of paint. Ensure dots are close together.
  • Use only primary colours.
  • Ask children to observe their work and see how many colours are evident.

Expressionist Bear

  • Use pale pastels on black paper to create a bear.



On the CD-ROM, go to the room with the Bear Orchestra and click on the picture on the wall. There are many landmarks here.

auckland india sydney USA
  • Select and identify one of your choice.
  • Research and find a picture in the library.
  • Create your own picture using only black on white paper.



On the CD-ROM, go to the playroom and click on the Jack-in-the-box.

  • Make your own jack-in-the-box.
  • Cut out a circle from light card for the head, and draw a face.
  • Attach wool for hair.
  • Concertina a piece of heavier card and attach it to the head.
  • Attach the other end to the base of a small box with a lid.
jack in the box


Bear Puppets

There are a number of ways to make puppets.

  • Glove puppets made from socks.
  • Finger puppets made from paper.
  • Puppets made from stuffed paper and moved by string.


Create your own bear

This is a challenging homework assignment, where ANYTHING goes!

  • Make a cake bear
  • Make a wire bear
  • Make a playdough bear
  • Embroider a bear
  • Papier mache a bear
  • Make a vegetable bear



Create a mural of an air show. This would make a good group project.

  • Ask children to choose and print out pictures from "Bears in the air", or they can draw their own.
  • Research the aircraft of there choice in the library.
  • Colour in there aircraft and glue it to a large sheet of blue paper.
  • Ask the children to bring along there own soft toys to be photographed. When developed these can be cut out and added as spectators.


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