Trouble Shooting

If you are having trouble getting BEARS to run properly on your computer, send an email to or post to PO Box 20-145 Christchurch. Remember to include your machine type, operating system, amount of ram & free hard disk space. And if possible the make of your CD-ROM drive and Video card.

Display Problems on Windows 95

Occasionally there can be a conflict running Bears with certain video cards when displaying in 256 colours, causing black patches on the screen and fuzzy colours. This can be fixed by either:

1. Changing the video mode to high colour or 24bit. Right click anywhere on your desktop... select properties then click on settings). The paragraph below "Shortcut to changing Video mode" will explain how to create a shortcut for changing video modes.

2. Change the video driver. (Right click anywhere on your desktop... select properties then click on settings, select advanced properties, then click on change. Windows will search for compatible drivers. Choose one that you aren't currently using.)

3. Update the video driver to the latest version. (Most video card vendors have free updates you can download off the internet).

Shortcut to changing Video mode

Open display properties by right clicking on the desktop then selecting properties from the menu, then choose settings. Make sure the check box in the bottom left corner is ticked. "Show
settings icon on taskbar". Click OK. Now there will be a monitor icon on the bottom right of your screen on the task bar. If you right click on this icon it will display a list of supported resolutions. Click on the one you want.

Games are best at 640x480, 256 or high & true colour. Applications such as word, spreadsheets and graphics programs are better at 800x 600 or 1024 x 768, high colour (Unless you have extra ram on your graphics card you won't be able to display 1024 x 768, true colour. True colour photographs will display much better if the display is in true colour mode).

The computer frequently freezes while running Bears on Windows 95

Make sure you close all other applications before running Bears.

Reinstall QuickTime 32 (Found on the CD in the win95 folder). During the installation don't skip the search for previous versions. Then choose to delete and install. When its finished run the sample video.


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